Who We Are

Our Culture

We thrive in intellectual deep dives through debates and research for enhanced understanding, in search for real life application of blockchain.

Peer is a group of top experts in their own fields, who are not afraid to debate and not ashamed to accept logical opposition. Our most valued assets are the great minds and talents of the company who challenge, encourage, and edify each other daily through respect and appreciation. Based on natural deep curiosity and constant collaboration, we invest to reach full understanding of objectives and delegate fully to achieve the best results.

Our Philosophy

We believe in moral integrity and fierce professionality. We are the smartest, most passionate people aiming to become a moral compass for the industry.

Our goal is to generate the best outcome, whether it be incubating, consulting, generating media contents, providing financial services, etc., through honesty and integrity to ensure building of concrete fundamental structure of the blockchain industry. We are not a family that gather to love and understand each other but a professional team with the best teamwork that encourage and challenge to cultivate results that meet high expectations.

Meet The Team

In Peer, companies build, not just products, but necessary components for the whole ecosystem.