What We Do

Redifining Finance

The internet enabled the global economy. We no longer live in a society where information is geographically bound.

The free movement of information brought us the whole new possibilities and redefined the way we communicate. Blockchain technology did the same for money. The world has changed to where financial values can be transferred and exchanged globally with no friction. We truly believe that blockchain technology will challenge the status-quo and redefine the norm to improve the world.

Collective Innovation

We now live in the world where people understand what it means to be sovereign. 

Bitcoin introduced a concept of individuals becoming their own bank, instead of relying on authorities. Ethereum introduced the idea that complex computation can be done in a peer-to-peer manner without a central processor. This self-sovereignty is what drives Blockchain industry, and we strive to lead this paradigm shift with companies within Peer.

In Peer, companies build, not just products, but necessary components for the whole ecosystem. We help public understand the idea of individual sovereignty and inclusive economy. We accelerate the adoption of decentralized applications through building key technologies and maturing the market. We believe that no one entity can build the whole ecosystem and that is the reason why we drive for collective innovation, which companies create synergy by building things together while remaining independent.

Actwo Technologies

Actwo is a blockchain-focused technology company, developing proprietary technologies that are necessary to build the infrastructure. Actwo believes that in order to achieve the mass-adoption of blockchain technology, a great user experience is necessary, which must start fundamentally from cryptography and core engineering, not a mere graphic interface.

Actwo develops techniques on wallet security, secure communication, smart contract, and interoperability, such as relays and atomic swaps, as well as fast and scalable order matching engine for cryptocurrency exchanges. Actwo implements the institution-level trading system and security to its own cryptocurrency exchange named GDAC.


Deconomy, aka Distributed Economy, is the largest global forum where renowned cryptographers, entrepreneurs, developers, academics, and policy makers to get together and discuss the future of distributed economy empowered by peer-to-peer technologies. Deconomy covers many topics varing from philosophy, society, technology, to economy, and partipants share new ideas and possibilities with the audience.

Deconomy 2018, held in Seoul, Korea, gathered more than 80 speakers, 150 companies, and 2,400 attendees around the world. Some of the most prominent figures, such as David Chaum, Ian Grigg, and Vitalik Buterin came to share their thoughts and ideas.


jointly formed by Actwo Technologies and Hanwha Financial Group, Upground is an innovation hub where businesses from various industries to learn and collaborate on blockchain and token economy. Upground acts as a bridge among companies to form economy of scale and create synergy, leading to expansion and adoption of blockchain technology.

Upground contributes to the ecosystem by providing education, joint research/consulting, token economy design/structuring, and community building/management. Upground welcomes anyone who’s willing to benefit from our global network of partners and contribute to the growth of the ecosystem as a whole.

Block In Press

Block In Press, aka BIP, is a data-driven media company focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrency market. BIP consists of three lines of operation; news, data, and business development. Partnered with BTC media, the largest blockchain-focused media company in North America, BIP exclusively shares the latest news and insights about blockchain and cryptocurrency to South Korea.

Block In Press’ data team (BIPD) collects/processes a constant flow of data about cryptocurrency market and provide deep-down analysis and visuals for users to have a clear view about the market.


Finector is a research & consulting firm, specialized in DLTs (Distributed Ledger Technologies), banking system, and FMIs (Financial Market Infrastructures) in South Korea. Finector provides analysis and insights on technology trends and adoption, especially in permissioned blockchain sector, for large corporations, financial institutions, and governmental bodies.

Finector is active on researching and formulating regulatory frameworks for DLT as its core benefits like smart contract, shared data processing, and secure messaging must be well aligned with the existing law principle without hurting innovation. We keep track of technical and regulatory updates on DLTs around the world for clients to properly understand and adopt the technology.


GDAC is a newly launched cryptocurrency finance platform developed by Actwo Technologies. The underlying technologies of GDAC are a combination of traditional financial system and cryptocurrency wallet security. GDAC uses the scalable matching engine which is currently being used in securities exchanges so that users can have the same level of trust in cryptocurrency market.

GDAC has three techniques on wallet security; HD and Multi-sig for key management and proprietary bridging technique which allows secure communications between cold and hot wallets. GDAC team is currently building a transaction tracking solution for regulatory compliance and other security-focused technologies that could further benefit the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

Actwo Lab

Actwo Lab is the research laboratory that focuses on blockchain core technologies and its applications for Institutions and corporate businesses. Its primary research is on integration from both permissioned and permissionless blockchain perspectives. Actwo Lab views that the current blockchain-based applications suffer from bad user-experience, and its thinking on blockchain adoption starts from usability, which comes from advancement of low-level technologies.

Its research team strives to think outside the box on security models, especially secure p2p messaging and key management, and tries to transform blockchain applications to be as easy-to-use as the current client/server-based web applications. Besides the core technology R&D, Actwo Lab conducts and formulates many permissionless token-economy cases for those who’d like to apply blockchain into their businesses.